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.NET Projects

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  • Duration: 15 Days
  • Total Fee: Rs 2000/-


  • FEES: 3000 /-
  • FEES: 3500 /-
  • FEES: 4000 /-

.NET Projects Titles: Web Application, Cryptography & Network Security (IEEE)

  • An Integrated Real Time Web Based Order, Freight & Shipment Tracking Software Application

  • Client Relationship Management System

  • Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Hidden Markov Model

  • Dual Signature for extra level of Authentication to ensure Electronic Payment Integrity

  • Online Personalized Diet Chart System

  • Content Based News Retrival on the Web

  • Development of a Multi-Media Web Based for User Friendly e-learning System

  • Identify User Behaviour by Analysing Web Servlet Access Log File

  • Immigrants Health-Related Web Site Content Analysis

  • The development of web-based attendance register system (ARS) for higher Academic Institution

  • Information Retrival Using Context Information

  • An Approach for Restructure of Web Pages

  • Design & Security Analysis of Web Application Based and Web Service based Patient Management System

  • Hash Based Quantum Key Web User Password Security in Two Server Systems

  • A New Memory Efficient Technique for Fraud Detection in Web Advertising Networks

  • A Web-based Intelligent Monitoring Agent for Real Time Data Processing

  • An Approach to Detect and prevent SQL Injection Attacks in Database Using Web Service

  • Agent Based Discovery of Web Service to Enhance the Quality of Web Service Selection

  • A Web Based Intelligent Tutoring System(WBITS)

  • Security Issues in Web Services

  • Pedagogical Attributes – An Approach to E-Learning Websites

  • Developing a Web-based GNA Secure Application and a Web Service for Identifying Missing Path Mechanism in Incomplete Survey Data

  • Intelligent Wireless Web Service for Tourism

  • Performance Evaluation of Encryption Algorithm’s Key Length Size on Web Browsing

  • Development of School Website Management System & its Traits for School Field Working a Distant Places

  • Statistics Hacking-Exploiting Vulnerability in Network Websites

  • IPMS: A Web Portal for Industrial Project Team Management

  • Web Text Feature Extraction with particle swarm Optimization

  • Performance Analysis of Encryption Algorithm’s Text Length Web Browser

  • Multi-Noise Removal of Image to solve the problem o in Wireless Networks

  • Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation scheme in wireless packet LAN Networks

  • A  Modified Model & Performance Analysis of Uplink Connection

  • Admission control for Cellular CDMA Networks

  • Security Mechanism for wireless Sensor Networks

  • Multicast Routing & Wave Length Assignment in Optical Networks with Ant Colony Optimization

  • KNN-Multi Media Retrival in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks

  • Risk Levelling of Network Traffic Anomalies

  • Network Traffic Anomaly detects based On ratio & Volume Analysis

  • A Genetic Optimization Algorithm to solve the problem of Load-Balancing of Network Load

  • Shortest path of Ambulance routing

  • Wireless LAN Security: Secure Your Access Point

  • A Secure Routing Cryptography Algorithm in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

  • Network based Security Model using Symmetric Key Crypto(AES 256 ? Rijindale Alg) with Public key Exchange Protocol (Diffe-Hellman)

  • A Compressed Anit IP Spoofing Mechanism Using Cryptography

  • Online Identity & its prevention using Threshold Cryptography

  • Genetic Algorithm in Solving Vehicle Routing

  • Performance Evaluation of RSA variant & ECC on Hand Held Devices

  • Layered Security Framework for Intrusion Prevention

  • Security Improvement for Management frames in IEEE 802.11 Wireless Network

  • Network Security using Hybrid Port Knocking

  • Security Enhancement of Pairing and Authentication Process of Bluetooth

  • A Bit Level Symmetric Block Cipher

  • An Enhanced Data Mining Based Intrusion Detection System IDS using Selective Feedback

  • Graph and New Approved for Frequent Path Mining

  • Fast huw—Reserving Histogram Equatizer Methods for The Colour Image Contrast

  • Secure Watermark Method with Smart Card

  • Network Worm Containment using Markov Chain Approach


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